Past Projects

Ogden Lift

This project was memorable one, it started off with some unique problem solving given the original bungalow had settled disproportionately, leaving the home tilted 2-3’’ towards the street (no playing marbles in there). Rather than disturb the foundation (as other contractors were recommending) using a lifting system and helical piles. We suggested leaving the foundation where it was and taking a different approach. We chose to underpin it with a deeper, wider footing in the worst affected areas and add drain tile to the entire home to address the underlying problem of excess moisture at footing depth. Detach the bungalow from the foundation, lift it using a hydraulic house lifting system, and block it in place. Saw-cut the top of the foundation wall level, add a pony wall to increase the basement ceiling height to accommodate larger windows in the legal secondary suite, and then drop the bungalow back down, now sitting level. All for the same cost. We continued to renovate the entire home from top to bottom (with no detail overlooked), building a beautiful personal retreat for the lovely couple, with some amazing monthly income to boot.

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