Past Projects

Ogden Century House and Barn Laneway Home (Concept #2)

This was a cool project, a 1912 home, one of the last homes of this vintage remaining in the neighborhood. It was in such poor shape that no banks would agree to finance it. After the asbestos remediation we got to modernizing nearly every aspect of the home, while maintaining as much of its original charm as possible. We added a full bath to the upstairs master bedroom, relocating the stairs in the process. Opened up the main floor and reworked the entire floor plan into an efficient 3 bedroom, 2 bath plan with an additional finished half basement. All new mechanical and the addition of a lofted reading space above the front entry, give this home oodles of character.  Following the completion of the house, we added a 2 car, lofted laneway home to the rear of the property, our second ‘Urban Barn’ design concept, and we have to say, our favourite to date!

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